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Alevian Duo (Pinaverium Bromide, Dimethicone)

Active Ingredient: Pinaverium Bromide, Dimethicone
Dosage: 100 mg/300 mg
Route of Administration: Oral
Dosage Form: Soft gel capsules
Quantity per package: 32
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Alevian Duo is a drug with a triple mechanism of action (antispasmodic, regulator of intestinal and antiflatulent transit) indicated for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome characterized by abdominal pain or discomfort (visceral hyperalgesia and allodynia) associated with disorders in frequency or consistency of bowel movement in any of its variants (predominant constipation, predominant diarrhea or alternating constipation-diarrhea), irritable bowel, nervous colitis. Alevian Duo also treats nonspecific intestinal dysfunctions of intestinal motility and other functional conditions associated with meteorism such as functional abdominal distension.