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Shipping Options

OS Pharma cooperates with reliable and authoritative delivery services. They offer international delivery. The main two options are:

  • Express Courier delivery (tracking option available). This option offers faster delivery ranging from 5-9 days. The address is specified during the checkout stage. The maximum delivery range is 14 days. The ID order number will be sent when the order is dispatched from our office;
  • Standard Airmail delivery (tracking option is absent). This option brings parcels within 14-21 days from the date the order has been dispatched from our office. The maximum delivery range is 30 days. Unfortunately, the tracking is not possible if your order is delivered by this exact option.

Keep in mind, the orders are not processed on weekends, holidays. Follow the notes we offer when the operation of OS Pharma may be stopped.

The orders containing 120 pills and more will be shipping within 2 different boxes. There is no additional charge. Grapple with the shipping details before arranging an order.

Shipping Guarantee

If your order has not come to you contact our customer care support service – [email protected]. The operator will inform you what can be done to cope with this problem. In the majority of cases, OS Pharma offers refund or reshipment free of additional charges.

Refund and Return Policy

If you make mistakes in filling in shipping details we cannot refund or reship your order. Before submitting an order it is recommended to check the correctness of the data provided. If you find the mistake when the order has not dispensed yet it is better to contact our customer care support service as fast as possible.

If you are not pleased with the quality of bought products you are welcome to contact a manufacturer directly as we do not produce any medications. We are a vendor who purchases medications directly from manufacturers.