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No matter what you need, there are the chances to find it in an online pharmacy. The choice in pharmacies at hospitals or in small private pharmacy stores is usually a little less than in large networks or online pharmacies like OS Pharma.

Medications: prescription or over-the-counter

Medications in Mexico, sold in online pharmacies, are divided into two categories:

  • those that can be bought without a doctor’s prescription [over the counter drugs] and constitute 50%;
  • those for which you need a doctor prescription and make up the remaining 50% of the assortment.

Usually, the first category includes all soft drugs – painkillers, patches, burn cream, headache pills, nervous stomach, colds, eye drops and vitamins. Medicines for which you need a prescription from a doctor usually include antibiotics and potent drugs, an overdose of which is dangerous for a person’s life, and which can cause addiction. Usually, prescription drugs can be obtained after going to your primary care doctor.

A prescription from the doctor to the online pharmacy

There is a very strong connection between medical facilities and pharmacies in Mexico. Often, after visiting a physician, your prescription can be emailed to a pharmacy located near your home, and you can take your medications on the way home from the hospital. Now, it becomes much more affordable as you may ask your physician to send a prescription to the online pharmacy.

This is also convenient because they open an account for you. In case you need to replenish your medications, you can simply call your doctor, and he will send a request to your online pharmacy so that you can immediately take your medications.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit a doctor, then you can consult an online pharmacist. It is possible that this specialist will be able to recommend a medication to relieve your symptoms or temporarily resolve the problem before you attend the doctor.

Patented or generic drugs: is it worth overpaying for a brand?

There are two types of drugs – patented or brand name or unpatented or generic, that is, not protected by a trademark. The cost of the first category of drugs significantly exceeds the price of the second category of drugs. They have the same composition but are not supported by the name of large pharmaceutical brands.

In Mexico, about 75% of orders are generic medications. In any case, you can ask the pharmacist or your doctor for a generic, which will save your funds.