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Refund Policy

Fill in carefully the data during the checkout. Any mistake may result in ordered products non-delivery. OS Pharma recommends you to check the data twice before completing the order. If you find a mistake in your personal data you are welcome to address our customer care department as fast a possible. We decided to show you the cases when a customer has the right to get a refund.

When buying products online, the customer is deprived of the opportunity to inspect the goods and obtain comprehensive information about them, the legislator obliges online stores to provide the following information when delivering health-related products:

  • about the product and its properties;
  • the possible way to return goods. This issue is very important, so you must have confirmation of the transfer of such information to the customer. This information can be indicated on a check, invoice, transfer acceptance report or in the forms of the other documents. It is desirable to have a copy of this paper with the signature of the customer. It will allow you to prove that the goods were handed over and the customer was aware of the procedure and terms for returning the goods.

The law does not impose strict requirements for the presentation of such information, therefore it is possible to independently develop a text. However, you must specify:

  • the address (location) of the customer to where the goods are returned;
  • business hours;
  • the period during which the goods can be returned (the term must be at least 7 days);
  • a warning about the need to preserve the look, consumer properties of products of good quality until it is returned to the vendor, as well as documents confirming the signing of the contract;
  • term and procedure for returning the funds paid by the buyer for the products.

Return policy for products of good quality

Owners of online stores, as a rule, believe that the customer can return only defective or broken orders. Buyers’ demands for the return of the goods which “did not fit” are not processed fast.

By law, the customer does have the right to return the goods without giving a reason but only on time and under certain conditions.

You can significantly reduce the time during which the customer has the right to return the orders. It is conducted by providing the relevant information on the procedure for returning the goods upon delivery of the goods.

So, in accordance with the law, the customer has the right to return the products of good quality without giving reasons:

  • until the order comes;
  • within 7 days after the goods are delivered.