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Andantol (Isothipendyl)

Active Ingredient: Isothipendyl
Dosage: 25 g
Route of Administration: Local
Dosage Form: Jelly
Quantity per package: 1 unit
Availability: Out of stock

Andantol is a potent antihistamine that is used for the topical treatment of itching and other skin conditions. The medicine contains isothipendyl hydrochloride as an active ingredient. It can also treat other allergic signs and relieve the symptoms of insect bites and sunburn.

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Andantol is indicated in insect bites, sunburn, 1st and 2nd-degree burns, non-suppurative allergic dermatitis and itching.

Dosage and administration

Depending on the case, a very thin layer should be administered on the skin every 8 hours.


  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the formula;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Diabetes.

Side effects

The sedative action is a side effect that occurs infrequently less than 1%. Other adverse reactions are dizziness, tinnitus, lassitude, fatigue, euphoria, loss of appetite and nausea (rarely).


An overdose of isothipendyl can cause CNS depression or stimulation. If vomiting has not occurred spontaneously it should be induced. Stimulants should not be used. Vasopressors can be used to treat hypotension.


To date, no drug interaction has been reported.