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Carbafen (Methocarbamol, Paracetamol)

Active Ingredient: Methocarbamol, Paracetamol
Dosage: 400 mg/350 mg
Route of Administration: Oral
Dosage Form: Tablets
Quantity per package: 30 tablets per pack

Why is Carbafen not used in the USA?

Carbafen is not available in the USA, possibly due to regulatory reasons or the preference for alternative treatments that are already established in the market. The U.S. FDA has strict regulations regarding the approval of combination medications, and often drugs available in other regions are not approved in the USA without extensive clinical testing.

What are Carbafen Similar Drugs in the USA?

In the USA, several medications available are used to treat similar symptoms, including muscle spasms and pain:

Muscle Relaxants:

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs):

What is Carbafen?

Carbafen is a combination of methocarbamol and paracetamol. It is a muscle relaxant, analgesic and antipyretic drug. It can relieve pain due to a skeletal muscle spasm in any region of the locomotor system. Methocarbamol is a muscle relaxant that works by blocking nerve impulses (or pain sensations) that are sent to your brain. Paracetamol is an analgesic and antipyretic drug used to treat pain and fever. Together, these components make Carbafen effective at relieving pain associated with acute skeletal muscle spasms anywhere in the locomotor system, including those due to trauma or various musculoskeletal conditions.

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Carbafen is used to treat:

  • General muscle pain as a result of extreme muscle stress or muscle injuries due to overwork;
  • Pain in arms or legs of muscular or articular origin;
  • Discomfort caused by sprains or sprains;
  • Joint pain caused by poorly executed movements, bad positions when performing activities or sudden movements of the joint.

Dosage and administration

Use and dosage should always be prescribed by a doctor.

Adults usually take 2 tablets 3-4 times per day, every 8 or 6 hours.

The dose should not exceed 4 times a day and can be taken during or before meals. Take the medicine with enough water.

It is recommended that adolescents use the drug only twice a day. The maximum dose is 2 tablets a day orally accompanied by plenty of water.

The dose for patients over 60 must be much lower than those mentioned above. These doses will be indicated by the medical specialist.

Use in children: It is not recommended to use this drug in children under the age of 12 years since its effects in pediatric have not been studied.


  • General: The dose of Carbafen should be reduced in patients with renal insufficiency, liver problems or another disease that affects the normal functions of the liver or kidneys;
  • Allergies: The medicine should not be used in patients allergic to paracetamol or methocarbamol;
  • Mixture with alcohol: Carbafen should not be mixed with alcohol since its mixture cancels or decreases the action of the drug;
  • Mixture with other medicines: Carbafen should not be mixed with medicines that stimulate liver enzymes, because this organ is responsible for metabolizing methocarbamol/paracetamol and therefore, can cause long-term damage.

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Side effects

  • This medicine causes side effects very rarely. However, some patients may experience:
  • Nervous system: Drowsiness, dizziness, decreased reflexes, disorientation and difficulty in starting movements;
  • Digestive system: stomach inflammation, indigestion, irritated colon and overdose poisoning.
  • Consult your doctor immediately if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above. Never exceed the doses to avoid these effects. Do not self-medicate.


Never exceed the dose of the drug as an overdose can cause intensified adverse reactions.


Carbafen increases the toxicity of chloramphenicol. It also may enhance the effects of CNS depressants and stimulants.