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Coricidin Expectorante (Ambroxol, Loratadine)

Active Ingredient: Ambroxol, Loratadine
Dosage: 120 ml
Route of Administration: Oral
Dosage Form: Solution
Quantity per package: 1 unit

Coricidin Expectorante is a combination of ambroxol and loratadine. It is indicated for the symptomatic relief of cough with phlegm and cold. It also dissolves and facilitates the expulsion of phlegm in allergic respiratory processes associated with cough and expectoration. It can treat allergic rhinitis complicated with sinusitis, rhinopharyngitis faringoamigdalitis, bronchitis. It is indicated in the case of bronchopulmonary processes of an allergic cause that involve an increase in mucus viscosity and in which it is necessary to maintain ventilation. It is used in the therapy of patients with other conditions such as bronchiectasis, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, atelectasis by the mucous plug, tracheostomy pre and post-surgical prophylaxis, particularly in elderly people suspected of having an allergic component.

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