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Neosporin Dermico (Neomycin, Polymyxin B, Bacitracin)

Active Ingredient: Neomycin, Polymyxin B, Bacitracin
Dosage: 30 g
Route of Administration: Local
Dosage Form: Ointment
Quantity per package: 1 unit
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Neosporin Dermico is a combination medicine (neomycin, polymyxin B, bacitracin) that is used as a first aid antibiotic to prevent infections in minor cuts, burns or scrapes on the skin. it works by killing bacteria on the skin. Search by category other skincare products as this drug is currently unavailable.


Neosporin Dermico is indicated in a superficial bacterial skin infection.

These include: prophylaxis in graft donor sites, laceration suture sites, accidental cuts, scrapes, and abrasions.

Treatment of infected ulcers, accidental cuts, scrapes, abrasions, as well as superficial skin infections after surgical procedures and minor burns, impetigo and secondarily infected skin conditions.

The use of this ointment does not exclude systemic concomitant antibiotic therapy.

Dosage and administration

  • Adult: a small layer of ointment should be applied one to three times a day, depending on the clinical condition. Treatment should not be continued for more than 7 days without medical supervision.
  • Children: Neosporin Dermico is suitable for use in toddlers at the same dose as in adults. There is a possibility of increased absorption in children, so it is not recommended to use the product in newborns and infants (under 2 years of age).
  • Elderly patients: ointment is suitable for use in elderly patients. Be cautious in those cases when there is decreased renal function.
  • Renal impairment: the dosage should be reduced in patients with impaired renal function.


The use of Neosporin Dermico is contraindicated in patients with allergic hypersensitivity to any of the components, or to substances with a cross-sensitization effect such as framycetin, kanamycin, gentamicin, and other related antibiotics.

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Due to the known ototoxic and nephrotoxic potential of neomycin sulfate, the use of this ointment is not recommended in large quantities or over large areas for prolonged periods, in circumstances when significant systemic absorption may occur.

In newborns and infants, greater absorption may occur due to their immature skin, coupled with the possible immaturity of their renal function.

The presence of pre-existing neural deafness is a contraindication for the use of this ointment or any topical aminoglycoside, in circumstances where significant systemic absorption can occur.

It is not used to treat otitis externa in the presence of perforation of the tympanic membrane, due to the risk of ototoxicity.

Side effects

  • The incidence of allergic reactions of hypersensitivity to neomycin sulfate is low. However, in dermatological practice, there is a higher incidence of neomycin hypersensitivity in certain groups of selected patients, especially in those with eczema due to venous stasis and ulceration.
  • After topical application, allergic hypersensitivity to neomycin sulfate, such as redness and peeling of the affected skin, such as an eczematous exacerbation of the lesion could be manifested.
  • Allergic hypersensitivity reactions after topical application of Polymyxin B Sulfate and Zinc Bacitracin are rare events but have been reported.
  • Anaphylactic reactions after topical administration of zinc bacitracin have been reported, but rare.

Post-marketing data:

  • Immune system disorders: rare: hypersensitization at the application site.
  • General disorders and conditions on the administration site: rare: reactions at the application site including pain, erythema, edema, pruritus exacerbation of underlying skin diseases.


No specific signs or symptoms have been associated with the excessive use of Neosporin Dermico. After the accidental ingestion of Neosporin Dermico, minimal absorption would be expected.

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Treatment: The use of the product should be withdrawn. The general condition, auditory acuity, and renal and neuromuscular functions should be monitored.


After significant systemic absorption, both neomycin sulfate and Polymyxin B sulfate are able to intensify and prolong the respiratory depressant effects of neuromuscular blocking agents.

However, the neuromuscular blocking activity of Neomycin sulfate and Polymyxin B sulfate is unlikely to pose a risk during the use of Neosporin Dermico.