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Phlogenzym (Bromelain, Flavonoid Rutoside, Trypsin)

Active Ingredient: Bromelain, Flavonoid Rutoside, Trypsin
Dosage: 90 mg/48 mg/100 mg
Route of Administration: Oral
Dosage Form: Tablets
Quantity per package: 60, 100, 200 tablets per pack
Availability: Out of stock

Phlogenzym is a preparation containing the combination of bromelain, flavonoid rutoside and trypsin. It is used to treat various inflammatory conditions (inflammations of the urinary tract and of genitals, inflammations of veins, inflammation of the locomotive system and of rheumatic diseases. The drug improves blood flow in small vessels, regulates blood circulation in tissues, accelerates healing processes and tissue regeneration, relieves pain. Phlogenzym is often used for the treatment of oedemas after injuries and surgeries.