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Possible Drug Treatment Methods

For a successful treatment in Bridge to Awareness Counseling Center, a specialized hospital, a drug addict requires strong motivation. Relatives and close people will help find it. The patient needs hospitalization.Choose the Right Method for Drug Addiction Treatment

Treatment of drug dependence

The main stages of drug dependence treatment are as follows:

  • detoxification, tonic, stimulating therapy in combination with taking a narcotic substance from the patient, which he abuses;
  • active anti-drug treatment;
  • anti-relapse therapy.

The essence of treatment starts at first with the relief of physical dependence, and then a course of psychotherapeutic rehabilitation and support is carried out. So that the thought that the patient will feel well without drugs is fixed in his mind. A necessary condition for the treatment of drug addiction is hospitalization and monitoring of the patient’s condition and behavior.

For the treatment of applied methods such as drug abuse hypnosis, the use of sedative psychotropic drugs and antipsychotics. There are also methods that are based on loyalty to the patient and is not considered as a compulsory mental health treatment.

Possible complications

Drug addiction entails serious consequences without treatment: decomposition of the personality, possible dementia, exhaustion of vital organs, reduction of immunity. Many addicts are prone to commit suicide. Among drug users, HIV infection and hepatitis caused by a violation of intravenous injection techniques are common. An overdose of a drug often results in the death of a drug addict.

Prevention of drug dependence

  1. Primary prevention of drug abuse lies in the social plane and is aimed at preserving and developing conditions that contribute to human health and to prevent the influence of adverse factors.
  2. Secondary (social and medical) drug prevention is aimed at identifying early changes in the body for urgent full and comprehensive treatment, improving the environment in which the drug addict is located, and applying educational measures.
  3. Tertiary (medical) prevention is aimed at preventing the progression of the disease, preventing exacerbations and complications, at reducing the level of disability and mortality.

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