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Category: Muscle Relaxant

Reumophan-Vit (Chlorzoxazone, Ketoprofen)

Active Ingredient: Chlorzoxazone, Ketoprofen Dosage: 250 mg/50 mg Route of Administration: Oral Dosage Form: Chewable tablets Quantity per package: 20 tablets per pack Availability: Out of stock Reumophan-Vit is a muscle relaxant and analgesic that is used to treat antineuritic rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, polyneuropathy, neuralgia, radiculopathy, painful vertebral syndromes, lumbalgia, lumbosciatica, sciatic neuritis, arthralgias, muscle spasms. The drug contains chlorzoxazone and…

Dioxaflex Duo (Diclofenac, Pridinol)

Active Ingredient: Diclofenac, Pridinol Dosage: 50/4 mg Route of Administration: Oral Dosage Form: Tablets Quantity per package: 30 pills per pack Dioxaflex Duo is a muscle relaxant that is used as an antiparkinsonian and anticholinergic drug.